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  • Alternative ending                 Featured - Crying girl                     Nick Chavez/UberFilms
  • Deadly sins                            Co-starring - Jealousy                             I. Productions
  • Street Life Entertainment                Extra                                 Street Life Entertainment
  • Video Reelism                                  Extra                                          Inhibitions 
  • Grey Focus                           Featured /Lady In Red          Adelante & Ace Point Productions
  • Dead of Knight                               Extra/Student                             Star Ship Comics
  • Jonah Matranga Music Video         Zombie                       Upstart Filmworks/Mel House
  •       Not About A Girl Or A Place

  •  "The Cycle" Tv Series (Episode1)         Lead/Adult Kim             Ace point Entertainment
  •  "The Cycle"Tv Series                                Lead/ Kim                            Ariel Films
  •  "Get Connected"Tv Movie            Day player/ Co-worker    Gold city T.v./Tommy Williams
  • Judge Alex                                 Audience Member (10 cases)                  Fox 26
  • Judge Alex                                 Audience Member (5 cases)                    Fox26
  • Cristina's court                                Audience Member                             Fox 26 


  • UNICOM commercial featuring Yao Ming - female Pedestrian (aired in China)
  • Reebok Commercial - featuring Yao Ming --- extra
  • Walmart Commercial
  • Women's Health/Hospital Industrail

  • CLICK HERE to hear Lana's Voice Over Demos

  • Magikano                             Multiple Character voices    Adv Films/Anime Network/C.Ayres
  • Telephone Rotational response system                                            For AMT agency
  • Audio story tell                                 Receptionist          In The Jar Studios/ Christian Ministry
  • Live Morning Announcements     Words of wisdom                           (1997-1999)
  • Multiple Voice Demos                 Accents/tones/cartoon              In the Jar/Rebel Studio


  • Werewolf on the team                  as Janet                            Written by Craig Sodaro(1996)
  • Cinderfellow                                 as Lady Elizabeth              Written by Paul T. Nolan(1998)
  • Cinderella              Dying mother / Lady in waiting/dancer      Charlotte B. Chorpenning(03)    
  • Cinderella                                     as Cinderella                                               2003
  • (No titile)                                      as court attorney                                         2002
  • The girl in the mirror                   as Nurse                          Written by: Bruce Jacoby (2001)
  • Did she or didn't she?                  as Psycho Lady/lead                                   2001
  • Intellectual Detective                  as Sally/lead                                                2001
  • A Case for two Detectives          as Annie (the Screaming maid)              John Murray
  • Heartbreak & Friendly Advice   broken hearted teenager           Pantomime drama(2000)
  • Troubled cooks                           as  Angry cook                          Pantomime comedy (2000)
  • Wedding woes                             Stage Monologue                               Comedic (1999)
  • Werewolf on the team                Curtain & lighting                                        1996


  7 years of  theater
  • Theater                                                  Theater Teacher/Coach - R.C.Hopson(2000-2003)        
  • Theater                                                                      Theater Teacher - Ms. Tiller(96-1999)
  • Private Coaching Actors - Post Guru                                                   John Lansch (2005)
  • Rehearsal and Performance                                                                   S J college (2005)
  • Private Coaching - Acting                                                                     John Lansch (2006)
  • ADR Voice workshop - John Swasey                                                ADV FILMS(2006)
  • Voice Training & record voice demos (Numerous times)                       In the Jar Studios
  • Actors Audition Workshop                                    Jason Konopisos/Acclaim Talent (2006)
  •  Intro to Voice overs: The Basics - Announcing & Voice acting       Jim Conlan (2007)
  • Voice Overs : Practicing the Craft                                                         Jim Conlan ( 2007)
  • On Camera Auditions/Private                                                                  Shelley Black (2010)

  • Other Skills:

    Martial arts, Costume appearances , Modeling,Promotions, basketball, volleyball, track, bike riding, roller blading, rollerskating, Karate, kick boxing, <Still in training: Gymnastics,Nunchucks, Weapons, Bo staff, Samurai sword, Ninjitsu, Stunts, mixed Martial Arts>

    --Stunts , Weapons, & Mixed Martial Arts -                             Jeramy Hill   2008 - Present*
    --Mock combat workshop - Stage combat stunts                Fight Director: Chris Ayres July 2007
    --Mock combat workshop - Stage combat stunts                Fight Director: Chris Ayres Oct 2007
    --Martial Arts/Karate/Bo -                                                           Instructor Diana Gray -2006
    --Capoeria --beginner basics--                                                          Instructor - Aguhla - 2007
    -- Capoiera with Grupo Cafu --          Instructor Robert Huerta/Gruaduado Jaguar 2009- Present*
    -- Gymnastics Training--                                                          HGA Gymnastics 2009- Present*

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    Gender: Female
    Age Range: 18-30
    Hair Color: RED
    Hair Length: short
    Eyes: Hazel
    Body: Athletic
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 125
    Sizes: 34B-25-34