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Snapshots/No Photoshop(link coming soon)
Lana and Ruben

Photographers worked with:

Rick Mapes
Tabatha Jacobs/Exquisite Views
Brian Hilson/A Slice of Oblivion
Hayley Barnes
David Nguyen/artstylelives
Jamie Diaz /Planet Zero
Doug Durham
Eilene Fountain/ EJF Creations
Scott Evans - Emotive Photography
Jack Hollingsworth Photography
Billy Jarrell Photo
Jeff Curley
Jon Rowader
Kevin Kleine
Richard Bingham
Bobby Malone
Erick Williams
Charles Henigan
Thomas Vong

Cordial Lee MUA
In Focus Makeup Art/ Christine
Shane drake


*Scott Evans---Native Amercian Project book
*Texas Council for Family Violence
*LastWear Clothing
*Dallas Newspaper for Wizard World Tx as Catwoman
*Featured on Wizard World as Catwoman with Danny Trejo
*Catwoman & Lady Deathsrike in Greater Houston weekly NewsPaper
* Featured on The Daily Cougar College NewsPaper


*She Buccaneer Comics - Twisited Rose
*Phour Nyne Comics - Phour Nyne Gurl
*Houstons Planet Zero - Cosplay Contest -Special guest Judge 2007
*S.J.College- dinner theater- greeter & waiter
*Pokemon Promotion - (Journey Across America) - 10 year Anniversary of Pokemon- Brand Ambassador
*Keenwood/Bcitexas- American Cancer Society-Relay for life

Conventions attended in Costume:
Comic Con, Wizard World, Anime Matsuri, OniCon, AstuiCon, Ikkicon - view costumes here -

*UNICOM commercial featuring YAO MING - female Pedestrian (aired in China)
*Reebok Commercial - Featuring Yao Ming - extra
More acting experience Click Here

SM Private Lessons - Runway Basics - Modeling
Pose coaching - Cordial Lee
Acting Training Click Here

Other Skils:
Acting, Voice acting, Costume appearances & modeling, Martial arts, basketball, volleyball, track, bike riding, roller blading, rollerskating, Karate, kick boxing, <Still in training: Gymnastics, Nunchucks, Weapons, Bo staff, Samurai sword, Ninjitsu, Stunts, mixed Martial Arts>

--Stunts , Weapons, & Mixed Martial ArtsJeramy Hill   2008 - Present*
--Mock combat workshop - Stage combat
Fight Director Chris Ayres
--Mock combat workshop - Stage combat
Fight Director: Chris Ayres
--Martial Arts/Karate/Bo -  Instructor Diana Gray
--Capoeria --beginner basics-- Instructor - Aguhla --- Capoiera with Grupo Cafu --                         Instructor Robert Huerta/Gruaduado Jaguar 2009*
-- Gymnastics Training-- HGA Gymnastics 2009*